17 September 2022
On the sidelines of the Indian medical equipment exhibition, Parto Negar Persia company attended the business meeting of Indian companies.
17 September 2022
Parto Negar Persia company participated in the three-day exhibition of medical equipment in India.
08 September 2022
According to the public relations of Parto Negar Persia and Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, the CEO of this company, during a meeting attended by the representatives of PNP and Hospital Technology Company, the exclusive sales and marketing representation of GammaProbe and GammaPen devices have been granted to Hospital Technology Company.
31 August 2022
The Micro PET system (Xtrim), was loaded and delivered to MUMS Preclinical Core Facility.
31 August 2022
The Micro PET system (Xtrim), was loaded and delivered to Imam Reza Hospital, Kermanshah.
28 June 2022
The President of the Court of Administrative Justice visited from Advanced Medical Technologies and Equipment Institute (AMTEI).
09 June 2022
Representatives of the RUSNANO Group visited Parto Negar Persia.
28 May 2022
The Russian delegation visited Parto Negar Persia.
26 May 2022
The factory of Parto Negar Persia Company has been changed to a new location of NO. 15, Derakhshan Alley, Km.19 Karaj Special Road, Tehran, Iran
23 May 2022
The Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of the Philippines and the accompanying delegation visited Parto Negar Persia Company.
19 February 2022
According to the Parto Negar Persia (PNP) company, the Micro PET system (Xtrim), a product of this company, was loaded and delivered to Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) for installation and operation.
15 December 2021
The new products of Parto Negar Persia Company were unveiled at the 9th laboratory equipment & chemicals exhibition.