All in one version of gamma probe is a fully mobile system which is an ingenious precision instrument that works without any annoying cables. This version is a combination of console and probe with a display so it does not need separated console, but it supports Bluetooth connection, so user has freedom to use its main display or connect it to a mobile or tablet for multiple displaying.

Ultra low weight and adequate dimension of it causes easily transporting of this instrument from an operating room to another in different hospital.

This gamma probe has excellent detection capabilities, meaning an exclusive sensitivity combined with excellent side shielding by the already collimation.

Setting up the gamma probe consist of simply slipping the device into sterile bag and depressing any button. Following the case, simply remove it from sterile bag and place it into a specially designed carrying case, where it goes to sleep until the next case.

GammaPen Specifications:

  • Length: 22cm
  • Two type of tips: Small and large
  • Tip Diameter: 14 mm (Large), 11 mm (Small)
  • Tungsten Collimator
  • Crystal: CsI (Tl)
  • Weight: 170 gr
  • Adequate dimension
  • No disturbing cables
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth connection support
  • User- Friendly
  • Digital display.
  • Beep sound modulated with count rate
  • Vibration alarm

NEMA-NU3 standard test results:

  • Sensitivity: ~2000 cps/MBq at 3 cm
  • Shielding Efficiency: >99 % for Tc-99m
  • Energy Resolution: < 11% FWHM for Tc-99m
  • Angular Resolution: between 65° to 85°
  • Local Resolution: < 55 mm FWHM at 3 cm distance

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Service & Maintenance

The service & maintenance unit of Parto Negar Persia Company has been set up in 2009 at the same time as the beginning of the company's activity, and with the increase of variety and number of products of the company, this section has expanded and methods of responding to customers and customer surveys have been improved.

 Currently, 6 personnel consisting of two senior technical engineers, two technical engineers and two technical technicians are working in this department and provide their services, especially in the field of repair, maintenance and service of nuclear medical imaging systems.

It is also hoped that this year, with the appointment of Dr. Teymourian, with more than ten years of experience in the field of service and maintenance of nuclear medical systems, as the management of the service and maintenance department, the services of this department will be provided with higher speed and quality.

Providing these services in Tehran is less than 24 hours and in other cities is less than 72 hours. Due to the fact that all the products of the company are domestically produced, spare parts for all relevant parts are available in the company and the sleep time of the systems has been reduced to a minimum.

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Service & Maintenance