About Us

About Us

Parto Negar Persia company commenced its operations in June 2019 in Iran, focusing on the design, production, installation, and maintenance of nuclear medicine imaging systems. Today, the company leverages effective management, skilled personnel, the latest technology, and all available national resources to successfully produce the following systems:

  • Whole Body SPECT Imaging System (inSIGHT)
  • Cardiac SPECT (ProSPECT II)
  • Cardiac SPECT (ProSPECT)
  • Animal PET Imaging System (Xtrim)
  • Small Animal SPECT (HiReSPECT)
  • Small Animal SPECT (HiReSPECT II)
  • Gamma Probe (GammaPen)
  • Hand Held Gamma Camera (SURGEOSIGHT)
  • Gamma Probe (SURGEOGUIDE II)
  • Urea Breath Test (HeliGuide)

And also provides a wide range of services including:

  • Consulting and Site Planning in NM/PET department
  • Consulting and Site Planning in Tracer Production department
  • Radiation Shielding calculations

Vision Document

Laying the groundwork for mass production and industrialization of the organization's activities through physical expansion and enhancement of its various components, along with:

  • Arranging and optimizing processes
  • Enhancing scientific proficiency and technical expertise
  • Securing the required permits, with particular emphasis on the unwavering and determined contributions of all employees and managers of the organization, aligned with the stated mission.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of shareholders' lives
  • Establishing a minimum of two overseas sales or production agencies.
  • Setting up at least one satellite company according to the activities of the organization


  • Manufacturing diagnostic, therapeutic, and research medical equipment, and supplying these to hospitals, universities, research centers, and other related organizations across Iran aims to achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Preventing the outflow of national capital and accessing advanced technologies to meet the population's needs and improve patient health and quality of life.
  • Enhancing the scientific capabilities of Iranian specialists by leveraging the creativity, expertise, and technical skills of domestic specialists along with the dedication of a young, responsible workforce.


  • Valuing the personality and human dignity of everyone connected to the organization
  • Honoring individuals' personal spaces
  • Generating creative ideas and innovations rooted in knowledge
  • Sympathy and friendship
  • Generosity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Confidence and hope
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the company's knowledge and experience
  • A positive reputation and credibility within the scientific, industrial, customer, and competitor communities
  • Respecting the property and intellectual rights of ideas, projects, and products
  • Accountability
  • Sense of duty in empowering colleagues
  • Honesty and truthfulness
  • Dedication and adherence to the organization's principles
  • Discipline
  • Valuing the activities and efforts of colleagues across various teams within the company


We believe that:

  • With deliberate effort, we can reduce numerous dependencies and capitalize on the expertise of Iranian specialists.
  • Our endeavor to design and manufacture devices within Iran, providing diagnostic and treatment options for our fellow citizens while prioritizing their comfort, instills a sense of pride in our nation.
  • By continuously enhancing our capabilities, we can not only fulfill the needs of our own citizens but also extend assistance to other nations.
  • Sustainable progress relies on scientific support, diligent effort, and self-assurance, without which advancements may not endure.
  • Skilled and dedicated employees constitute our most prized assets, and the organization's success stems from their passion, initiative, and hard work.
  • Our primary responsibility involves actively pursuing the social, cultural, scientific, and economic advancement and elevation of our employees.
  • Fostering a culture of accountability, integrity, and compassion among our organization's employees is the primary driver of our success.
  • Teamwork based on knowledge and innovation makes the way to achieve goals smoother.
  • Valuing and showing respect to customers as the primary proprietors of our business, and holding ourselves accountable to them, will contribute to the advancement and sustainability of our activities.
  • Progress is unattainable without integrity, trustworthiness, and dedication, as well as upholding respect and considering the interests of all colleagues.
  • The endeavor and progress towards the goals outlined in the vision document, leading to ultimate success, will be guided by honoring all the values and principles of the organization.